Handicapped parking available on Tomato Products Company Grounds.

General parking located adjacent to JayCee Park at the intersection of Cave St. and Campbell St. On-street parking also available on Campbell St. between 1st and 5th. 

FROM parking area, you can either walk to the festival grounds (maps will be posted) or a SHUTTLE will be available, with multiple stops in the parking area. Find a 'PLEASE WAIT FOR SHUTTLE' sign and you will be picked up. 


1. No outside alcohol. Alcohol available for purchase on site.

2. No firearms.

3. No drugs.

4. No glass containers.

5. No pets, including dogs, cats, birds, or any other animals, are allowed anywhere in the festival grounds, 

6. This is a Rain or Shine event.

7. Wristbands must be worn on your wrist and visible at all times.

8. Smoking only allowed in designated smoking areas.

9. Please keep the property clean. Trash cans and recycling receptacles will be available.

10. Keep yourself safe and have fun!