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August 11, 2018

at Tomato Products Company

495 W Thornton St. Paoli, IN 47454

The inaugural PaoliFest will take place on August 11, 2018 at the Tomato Products Company in Paoli. Built to be a celebration of the town and community, the festival will be a completely free event featuring local and nationally touring musicians, visual art, films made by local youth, food and craft vendors, workshops, jam sessions and children's entertainment. 

PaoliFest grounds will be the Tomato Products Company, a 1910 factory being lovingly renovated into a community arts center by Kara Schmidt, Andy Gerber and Tim Schmidt. Kara, Andy and Tim are building an artist-in-residency program called Black Vulture Project, which has already brought numerous artists and musicians into the community.

PaoliFest is a joint venture between Black Vulture Project and Jordana Greenberg, a local musician and internationally touring performer who credits the musicians she encountered in Paoli among the influences that have shaped her career.

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PaoliFest is proud to present the following vendors for our 2018 Festival:


Locally owned grocery store plus deli with homemade offerings


One-Stop Taco Shop

Sadie's Sweets.jpg

Sadie's Sweets: A 12 year-old entrepreneur sells refreshing orange left yogurt and a variety of baked treats. 


Tates for Days by Katarina Koch

Loaded Baked Potatoes


Brazilian Fusion Ice Pops

We proudly create and sell Brazilian fusion ice pops! Our artisan pops are made with all natural ingredients. Each flavor is different from the next and with flavors ranging from Clementine to Honey Ginger Lemonade and Spicy Chocolate, there's a pop for everyone!


Katie's Art and Clay

Handmade ceramic wares. Fun, funky and functional. Made from strong, durable stoneware. 


FiberFloraFire (Evie K. Sehr)


Hand Knit and Crocheted Creations


Katlin Phillips

Hand poured natural soy candles & wax melts


Mary Limp

Hand - Cut Earrings, Crafted from Recycled Metal Tins. They are displayed on cards made from recycling greeting cards.

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 12.15.17 PM.png

Located in Orleans, IN we are The Phoenix Project an upcoming community art studio providing public studio space for the three tiers of art: literary, visual and performance, as well as interactive instructional and/or free form events in the Orange County area. We encourage the creative process to inspire personal growth, interpersonal understanding and social change. CREATE. RELATE. ESCAPE.


Vendor applications now being accepted for PaoliFest 2018.  Vendor fee (due upon acceptance): $50 if submitted by July 15, $75 between July 15 and August 1. No vendor applications accepted after August 1. Paypal address or via check (address provided after submitting application.) 

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PaoliFest Merch

If you are able to pickup your order at the Tomato Products Company (495 W Thornton St. Paoli, IN 47454) then SPECIFY pickup in the "shipping" options at check-out and there will be no shipping charge. Thank you!

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PaoliFest 11x17 poster - $7

Bring yours to the festival to collect artist autographs!


2018 Festival Sponsors and Grantors

If you're interested in sponsorship opportunities, send us a message at 

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Miriam and David Greenberg

Grace Maliha-Murray and Paul Murray

Nathaniel Klein

Maria Di Meglio

Laura Jekel

Brendan Mooney

Justin and Autumn Marshall

Nipendra Tyagi

Edward Powell

Ellen Klein,

Leah Thill

Annie Gordon

Sydney Morris

Pete Eby

Sylvia P Scott

Sherry Schmidt

Daniel McDonald


Dawn Zehr

Martin Farncombe

Martha Nice

Vicky Riddle

Stephanie Fida


James Shenk

Robyn Savitzky

Denis Grabill

Brian McCloskey

Mark Alstott

Kaitlyn Ferry

Nathaniel Mouzon

John Shoemaker

Michael Spencer

Sandy Clark-Kolaks

Isaac Selya

Ian Saunders

Jesse Leong

Sarah Rude

Chelsea Tyagi

Amy Kauffman

Jonathan and Cynthia Cox

Laszlo Palko

Stori Sullivan

Shanel Nand

Cory Scott

Joanna Woodsmall

Darrell Haile



Suella Gerber

John West

Robin Noble

Jordana Bowen

Julie Wunderle

Phil Slates

Rhonda Orr

Joshua Tennen

Chris Burgess

Phil and Carla Slates

Rhonda Orr

Joshua Tennen

Chris Burgess


Nicole O'Neal

Burt Macklin, FBI

Anna Monaghan

Dominic Delzompo

Benjamin Sloan

Lonnie & Sally Stroud

Bryce Schmidt

Lizzy DuQuette

Liz Nofzinger

Carol Beauregard

Merlin Friesen

Jaqueline Harris

School of Living Yoga

Tamsin Ing

Paul Murray


James Carrington

Solomon Jekel

Kelsi Rotter

Steve Miller

Larry Hoffman and Gayle Hoover

Don and Joan Leedy

Laken Randolph

Phil Mininger

Janet Kennedy

Wally and Evie  Shellenberger

Orange County Family Dentistry

Scott Boswell

Kris Lasher and Rock Emmert

Bob and Debbie Turner

Lonnie and Sandi Sears

Jamey Sullivan

Luke Mosemann

French Lick Visitors Bureau

Mike Charles

Joyce Carson

Tim Knight

Sarah Whiteman

Wendell Lantz and Doris Weaver

Sharon Fraley


Lawn Chair



Refillable water bottle

Cash for vendors and merchandise



Handicapped parking available on Tomato Products Company Grounds.

General parking located adjacent to JayCee Park at the intersection of Cave St. and Campbell St. On-street parking also available on Campbell St. between 1st and 5th. 

FROM parking area, you can either walk to the festival grounds (maps will be posted) or a SHUTTLE will be available, with multiple stops in the parking area. Find a 'PLEASE WAIT FOR SHUTTLE' sign and you will be picked up. 


1. No outside alcohol. Alcohol available for purchase on site.

2. No firearms.

3. No drugs.

4. No glass containers.

5. No pets, including dogs, cats, birds, or any other animals, are allowed anywhere in the festival grounds, 

6. This is a Rain or Shine event.

7. Wristbands must be worn on your wrist and visible at all times.

8. Smoking only allowed in designated smoking areas.

9. Please keep the property clean. Trash cans and recycling receptacles will be available.

10. Keep yourself safe and have fun!

Want to perform at the festival? Volunteer? Have an idea you'd like us to hear? Contact us using the form below!

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