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Breathing new life into the songs you’ve loved your whole life. Sing along, dance along, or just enjoy the smooth harmony of Audio Union.

Southern Indiana band, Audio Union, is a trio that entertains with either live keyboard or guitar.  Band members Dusty and Amy Eastridge and Josh Tanner deliver a unique sound covering bands such as the Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Lady Antebellum, Journey even Prince!  From the 70's to present day this group offers many great songs from every era.  Catch any of their live performances and you'll find them moving seamlessly from pop, rock, country, and R&B.  The band was born of a need to write and perform original music, across multiple genres, with memorable melodies that stand on their own.  For the band its all about the song.  They deliver musical hooks, deft arrangements and lush harmonies that provide a "just right" touch of color to support the emotional core of each song.