Bowie & Blue

If you are anything like me you have lots of close friends and family that would prefer a gift card for any special occasion, but it always felt so impersonal. Enter the Gift Card Holder. I designed a small coin purse that I could hand over to my family and friends that would hold the gift card they wanted while being personalized and useful for every day after. They were a huge hit and a loved picking out and pairing fabrics together that reminiscent of the women in my life. Fast forward to three years later and I still love pairing fabrics from all over the world together and sewing them into any cute small gift my mind can think up. All of the gifts are hand sewn by me and because I source fabrics from small shops, preloved clothes, and fabric remnants, many of the gifts are one of a kind. Feel free to browse my selection and find the perfect gift that embodies someone special in your own life.