A fusion of funk, jazz, neo-soul and pop into a high energy, dance worthy package....The sound is derived from soul greats like Otis Redding and Bill Withers to funk greats such as James Brown and The Ohio Players. Throw in pop icons like Michael Jackson and Maroon 5 and you get a truly unique sound.
— cincymusic.com

Levee Is Bernardo Gabri Lopez’s blues/rock/soul passion project.  Levee uses the soul from artists like Otis Redding, as well as The Commodores and combines it with the high energy funk/rock of Prince, Lenny Kravitz and the Ohio Players for an all original music package.  Levee released their first album of all originals in 2017 titled Held Up. The album was a compilation of songs  that expressed Bernardo’s early 20’s experiences.  After touring Levee has taken a break to record an upcoming EP that pays homage to much more of their bluesy and soulful influences and Bernardo looks forward to playing/performing all new songs in 2019!