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Lick Creek Band always has tremendous fun playing music together and connecting with their audience.

Lick Creek Band plays a unique brand of eclectic acoustic music ranging seamlessly through rock, pop, jazz, and original tunes, all flavored with the sweetness of the traditional acoustic sound.  Vocal Harmony is the most distinctive feature of the group. Three lead vocalists alternate to present songs in various styles suited to the qualities of their voices while backing each other with tight harmony.

Since 1993, Lick Creek Band has entertained audiences in hundreds of venues throughout Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio, ranging from small coffee houses to large convention halls, theaters and private parties.

Eric Harmon, bass (and ukulele) player, combines dry wit with fluent string work, entertaining both band and audience as his apt remarks complement the precise fingering of his vintage, acoustical upright bass.  His musical interests encompass Brazilian melodies, jazz, and music theory.  His knowledge of theory provides a vital contribution to the development of the intricate, unique sounds that constitute Lick Creek.  Eric serves as primary sound technician for the band.  He is a songwriter as well.

Alice Wootton comes from a background of musical theater and jazz.  Her exceptionally clear, unaffected alto is perfect for jazz standards and that influence has extended the musical range of the band as well as winning new fans to jazz through pop-friendly arrangements of classic love songs. Alice adds a strong fundamental tone to the vocal harmony mix. The emotion that she infuses into her singing adds a very soulful dimension to every performance. 

Bill Wheeler adds a smooth tenor voice that is especially well suited to ballads but he is at ease in any singing style. Bill arranges the vocal harmony for the band and is primarily responsible for the group’s signature vocal style. Rhythm guitar is his instrumental contribution and his well-seasoned acoustic flattop has kept time for hundreds of audiences. Bill also writes music for Lick Creek.

Bill Nevels plays lead guitar and provides an earthy baritone to the vocal mix. He possesses the rare combination of formal music training and intuitive musical ability. Bill’s solos are very melodic and extemporaneous; the ability to compose “on the fly” keeps his guitar breaks fresh and injects the slight element of tension that would be missing in a memorized passage. Bill is also a songwriter for Lick Creek.  He plays acoustic flattop guitar and an arch-top electric that can be edgy and bluesy for rock or buttery smooth for jazz solos.