Leah Robling and Phil Hipskind are the members of the music duo, Turquoise Dream, based out of Southern Indiana. Leah and Phil describe their music as a “journey along the Americana Music Highway with a few twists and turns along the way.” They perform their original tunes at a variety of venues throughout the Tri-state area.

Leah Robling
Story, song, and dance are at the heart of Leah’s creativity. From a deep connection with animals, nature, and the Sacred Feminine, she brings a sensual, earthy passion to her singing, dancing and drumming.  As a performer, teacher and healing artist, Leah strives to listen deeply and come from a place of truth and authenticity.

Phil Hipskind 
Phil’s passion for music is evident each time he performs, whether in the studio or on stage . As a songwriter, Phil expresses his views on many subjects, and as a music producer, he is committed to helping other songwriters arrange, record, and capture their musical ideas.